Sunday, 27 July 2014

Art in Vejer - Sol Muniain

There’s a lot happening in Vejer this weekend. Concerts, a candlelit parade, a flamenco show at the Aguilar de Vejer. But if you only see one of them, please make it Sol Muniain’s exhibition at Ya En Tu Casa on the Corredera.

Sol is one of the most charming of Vejer’s adopted children. Bilingual in English and Spanish, she once lived a glamorous life, travelling the world as the international sales director of a London-based publishing company before settling here with her husband and children and dedicating herself to making art.

Her love for Vejer is reflected in her words as well as in her art:

‘Part of the pull towards this beautiful place,’ she writes, ‘is the people - everywhere you turn you are greeted with a smile, and a sense of authenticity and purity - a million miles from the fast pace of life in a big city. They’re the kindest, happiest, warmest, most beautiful people I’ve known’.

But this is more than just words. In the five years since she’s been here, Sol has thrown herself into the life of the community. She founded Vejer Sketchers, has a multitude of friends from every walk of life and this year won the local council’s coveted ‘Pintura Rapida’ award.

Sol’s work reflects her passion for landscape and the brilliant light of the area. Her work is detailed and sensuous, revelling in the generous contours of a scene which unfolds itself daily beyond her windows. Her paintings roll like a dancer’s hips, and her palette, soft greens and browns, serene blues, detailed with tiny buildings, is simply delicious. Her frequent and exuberant use of pen and ink lends something of the wit of a cartoon by Gerald Scarfe and her work is perfectly finished.

With all these assets, you might expect an original Sol Muniain to be rather expensive. In fact, for the moment, her prices are surprisingly modest. Take advantage while you can - it isn’t going to last.

‘Vergel Suspendido - paintings by Sol Muniain’ will continue at Ya En Tu Casa until August 8th. Meet the artist on Sunday July 27th at 8 pm.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Vejer Weekend Fashion

The streets of Vejer are alive again this weekend, this time with photographers and fashionistas.

The action will be concentrated around the Church and the Arco de la Segur, where a purpose-built catwalk has been constructed.

The weekend began on Friday with a street market around the church area, and continues today with more market stalls, a catwalk fashion show from 8.30 at the Arco de la Segur and a street party at 11.30 in the same location, featuring DJ Carmen la Hierbabuena.

One of the most interesting features of the weekend will be a series of public interviews with different designers, including interior designer Gaspar Sobrino.
Vejer weekend fashion is a lively addition to the town’s summer calendar, but it’s not the only street event today. The monthly Rastro will take place as usual along Juan Relinque from 7 p.m. and the two events together provide a unique opportunity to experience our summer street life at its most vibrant. Entertainment can also be found at Las Delicias restaurant, Chokolata tea shop and La Bien Pagá bar, as well as at the Peña Flamenca, where the annual cante completion completes its first round.